PHOTO: Pinterest / Balthazar

PHOTO: Pinterest / Höst

My 40th Birthday will arrive on April 30th 2017.  I wish to celebrate this somewhat mystifying milestone (mystifying because I don’t feel at all ready to leave my 30s, yet am not the least bit apprehensive about turning 40) in the company of my amazingly supportive family and friends.

I would spend time with friends enjoying the novelty of uninterrupted conversation and of having spent more than 5 minutes getting ready –  I would even have had a manicure and pedicure. We would feast on gorgeous food and wine whilst laughing, a lot.

With my husband I would head off to Copenhagen for a weekend of interior porn, cycling through the city visiting my favourite shops, cafes and museums. We would stop regularly for plenty of people watching and coffee, then in the evening head out for champagne cocktails at Baltazar followed by a meal at Höst.

PHOTO: Leela Bennett Photography (me + coco)

With my family I would head out into deepest Hampshire to our local pub which serves the most gorgeous food and local English sparkling wine, Raimes Sparkling. We would simply catch up over an open fire and toast in my new decade.

None of the above involves a crippling hangover – never a good idea with children around, or when you have the chance of a lie-in in a beautiful hotel or airbnb!

I have been asked a lot lately by husband for ideas of what I might like for my 40th… so have diligently put together gifts I would love – but am not expecting (unless you are husband!)

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