The Mother’s Day Gift Edit – Because She Deserves It

I just read somewhere that Mother’s Day is always exactly three weeks before Easter. I did not know that. There is some confusion in our house as to whether we should follow British tradition and celebrate Mother’s Day on that fourth Sunday of Lent or, because we live in The Netherlands, we should wait and do it on the second Sunday of May like the Americans do. As the mother of two I say why not do both?! That’s two chances of a lie in.

My own dear mum passed away a few years ago, but I still have my lovely mother in law to buy pressies for and of course, I’m a mum so, you know, I might drop a few hints here and there about things I like, just in case they do want to buy me a little something to show they appreciate all the cooking/cleaning/lifts/bum wipes.

Every Day is Mother’s Day

Mum’s are special. Granted not all of them, but for the most part they are. And I look at some of the women around me in awe. I have one friend with three children, all with their own set of demands, personalities and places to be and I wonder how the hell she does it, on top of running her own business. That’s why I think putting a bit of thought into a gift for mum is the least we can do.

Flowers and chocolates are lovely but we’ve picked things that make every day Mother’s Day, in one way or another. Things that are pretty and practical and show her how much you appreciate her. Apart from the Champagne. That’s not useful. But it is pretty wonderful.

And if my lot read this, a cooked breakfast wouldn’t go amiss either! Happy Mother’s Day!